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Read my review on this new weight loss product, Supra Green Coffee Bean. For the past 20 days, I haven’t been exercising and using this Chlorogenic product….So, let’s take a look at what it’s really capable of.
Some More Information on the Product!
Made using high quality supra green coffee beans, it is a dietary supplement for weight loss. Green coffee has become the new sensation in the weight loss world and the supplement promises to present groundbreaking results. It promises to facilitate easy and hard work free weight loss, to be precise.
What Does it Contain?
Green coffee bean extract is reported as the main ingredient of the supplement. The extract contains Chlorogenic acid which is labeled as the vital reason behind weight loss.

How Does it Work?
The official website of Supra Green Coffee lists this information under how Chlorogenic acid in its capsules triggers weight loss. Chlorogenic acid is responsible for:
Keeping the mood happy and high (elated) to prevent stress overeating
Inhibiting body from accumulating fat through
Prevention of fat formation
Blocking fat absorption in body
Boosting metabolism and energy levels to burn more calories

What’s My Say on this?
When I started using it 20 days back, I didn’t have many expectations. Contrary to my cynical approach, from 1st day onwards, I felt a vibe of change in my body. Now I was much more enthusiastic physically as well as mentally. I wasn’t craving for my usual mayo and cheese treats and I ate little portions without feeling fatigued or drowsy. Apart from that, I ended up losing 4.7lbs! I mean, this was a lot more than

I had expected.
Icing on the cake – There were no side effects. Collectively, Supra Green Coffee has done a decent job at making me lose weight without any exercise or diet so yes, I would recommend it.

USA manufactured 
Concentrated 50% Chlorogenic acid
Free of binders or fillers
Only natural, safe and tested ingredients used
Free of chemical and artificial ingredients
Real and effective results

Use only as per directions
If you want faster weight loss, feel free to add in exercise and dietary regime
Give it at least 20-45 days to show results
Don’t use if you under 18 years of age

Why Buy this?
The supplement is all natural and thus you can try this without any tensions. Moreover, there is no need to spend hours in gym and thus you can get results faster.

Where to Buy?
You can purchase Supra Green Coffee Bean from its official website.

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